Peaks of gastronomy in Alta Badia, Italy

Peaks of Gastronomy is calling all foodies with a series of initiatives which unite an outdoors lifestyle with the pleasures of good food in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage.
The ninth edition of the initiative puts the colours of the products used in the recipes at centre stage. It is known that the colours of the food we eat ever day impact on the well-being of our body and mind. Green vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli, artichokes or green beans contain chlorophyll, fibre and calcium and lower the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Orange and yellow produce, such as oranges, carrots, lemons and pumpkin, contain beta-carotene, potassium and vitamin C, and are therefore suitable for the formation of collagen and maintaining the well-being of the joints. If we feel full of creativity and are working on a new project, then we’ll aim for dishes in which blue and purple are the predominant colours; these naturally belong to blueberries, aubergines or red cabbage. When we need to move or stimulate our nervous system, we need red-coloured food, like tomatoes, red peppers, rhubarb or strawberries.

The «Peaks of Gastronomy» formula remains the same: eight Michelin-star chefs create a dish for eight mountain huts along the trails of Alta Badia. Each participating chef is assigned a colour, which is the one which features predominantly in their special dish. Hikers will be taken aback both by the wonderful taste of the gourmet dish, but also by the variety of colours, which transform this food and wine experience also into a feast for the eyes. White is the colour chosen by Norbert Niederkofler(St. Hubertus – Relaix & Chateaux Hotel Rosa Alpina, 2 Michelin stars). For the Lée mountain hut he creates a dessert called MANGIANEVE, a homemade yoghurt mousse, raspberry coulis and crunchy sprinkles. Matteo Metullio(La Siriola – Hotel Ciasa Salares, 1 Michelin star), paired with the Pralongiá mountain hut presents the “yellow dish”, potato gnocchi with saffron on burnt yellow pepper cream, lemon scent, yellow turnip salad and polenta chips. Nicola Laera(La Stüa de Michil – Hotel La Perla, 1 Michelin star) creates his dish for the Col Alt hut. It’s a scorched scallops on calf’s head, sweet and sour red onion, purple carrots and Cassis juice. At the Jimmi mountain hut hikers can taste the open pasta filled with venison ragout with melon and Cassis sauceby Nicola Portinari (La Peca, 2 Michelin stars). The predominant colour will be dark green. Giancarlo Perbellini(Casa Perbellini, 2 Michelin stars) is paired with the I Tablá hut for which he creates a cold rice and celery cream, smoked coregonus, croutons and raw oil. Purple is the colour chosen by Giancarlo Morelli (Pomiroeu, 1 Michelin star). He creates a venison loin candied with rhubarb and mustard with white polenta cubesfor the Crëp de Munt hut. Orange is the colour that predominates the crunchy salt cod on potato, carrot and spring onion cream, turnip tops, raspberry caramelby Stefano Lombardi(Il Pellicano, 1 Michelin star), paired with the Mesoles mountain hut. At the Bioch hut guests will taste tagliatelle with red turnip juice with local herb pesto and grated pine nutsby Cristina Bowerman(Glass Hostaria, 1 Michelin star).
Each dish will be accompanied by a South Tyrolean wine, carefully selected by a local sommelier. This initiative takes place throughout the summer.
«Dining under the stars» is taking place on Thursday, 13th July in the town of Badia. A long table will be set up in the historic town centre, opposite the steps leading to the church of San Leonardo. During the dinner at the foot of Mount Santa Croce, which begins at 7pm, a selection of local and international specialities will be served in a menu designed by the town’s restaurant owners. The real protagonist of this event will be the starry sky, which guests can look up at and admire while enjoying the different courses. Booking is compulsory and can be made at Tourist Offices in Alta Badia.
«Nos dai strudli» – THE STRUDEL EVENING
The second edition of the «Strudel evening» is taking place on Tuesday, 25th July. It is a mouth-watering, creative event in which strudel takes centre stage, prepared in all its variations which range sweet to savoury options, all conceived and created by the participating chefs and pastry chefs. The event is taking place from 7 pm on the central street of San Leonardo in Alta Badia, which will be closed to traffic. The majestic church of San Leonardo provides the backdrop for the event; candles, torches and local music will set the tone. It will be possible to purchase and try dishes directly at the different stands set up specially for the occasion. Bookings are not required.
For the illumination of the Via Ferrata Tridentina by Croderes – the Alta Badia Alpine rescue services – the local restaurant owners will be offering sweet delights in the square opposite Colfosco church. The event will be held on Tuesday 1stAugust from 5 pm to 10.30 pm. Musical entertainment will liven up the evening.
The animals’ park in Colfosco provide the setting for the third edition of «Delicacies from the forest» which takes place on Tuesday, 8th August and Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 from 11:30 am to 5 pm. A selection of restaurants, hotels and bars in Corvara and Colfosco will prepare dishes that guests can try in close contact with nature. Expect local, traditional food: for exampleturtres(fritters stuffed with spinach and ricotta or sauerkrauts), barley soup, dumplings, polenta and goulash, organic hamburgers or furtaies(spiral-shaped cakes which were once traditionally prepared on the occasion of a wedding). Local music will accompany the event. Bookings are not required.
The Sas Dlacia, which in Ladin means «ice stone», will provide the setting for the third edition of LA DOLOMITICA; the culinary symposium organised in Alta Badia. This culinary event is a collaboration between the best chefs and restaurateurs of Alta Badia and Cortina d’Ampezzo. It is symposium dedicated to food which takes place in the heart of the Dolomites on Friday, 4th August and starts at midday. The menu will feature the best products our mountains have to offer, in order to highlight our strong bond with our mountainous region, one which unites all the chefs taking part. There is no better setting for this event than the meadows at the foot of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. To showcase and share the important relationship we have with the surrounding nature and the Dolomites, our guests can try a range of dishes from the comfort of the quilts laid out of the grass – it’ll be like a mountain pic-nic! Booking is required.
On 28th August we celebrate the bond between food and science in a truly unique event. A dinner will take place in the «Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus» museum in San Cassiano, dedicated to the pre-historic bear of the Conturines. Dishes will be specially created for the event by chefs of a selection of restaurants in Alta Badia, three of which are Michelin-starred. Guests will be able to enjoy the food while strolling through the museum. Expert geologists and naturalists will take part in the event to guide the guests through the wonders of the museum. The same formula will apply to the APERITIF AT THE MUSEUM, scheduled for Friday, 21st July. Booking is compulsory and can be made at tourist offices in Alta Badia.
Three different trails to try on Saturday, 23rd September on the occasion of the first «E-Bike Ways», a day dedicated to electric mountain bikes which can be hired at 2000m at the Piz La Ila. Upon departure, participants will be provided with maps which point out the easy, medium and difficult trails. Traditional dishes and healthy meals will be available to cyclists on this occasion at the Bioch, Tablá, Pralongiá and La Marmotta mountain huts.
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